Ukrainian Produce at Berlin Trade Fair

During February 5-7, FRUIT LOGISTICA, a huge international trade fair, was held in Messe Berlin. West Retail LLC, one of very few companies from Ukraine, exhibited its fruits and vegetables to world experts there as well. It was for the second time when this company participated in Berlin trade fair.

FRUIT LOGISTICA is an important international exhibition for a certain target audience – producers of fruits and vegetables, whole sellers and retailers, importers and exporters, packaging, produce processing and storage, and transportation companies. A considerable part of expositions is devoted to know-how techniques, effective logistics and wastes management skills. More than 2,400 exhibits from 84 countries of the world presented the whole range of world's industry of fresh produce. West Retail LLC was one of those companies that had a great chance to offer watermelons with seeds and without seeds, Piel De Sapo melons, different varieties of apples and peppers to the European market. All these fruits and vegetables are grown with great care on generous fields of ecologically friendly region of Transcarpathia at the foot of the Black Mountain. Our company has already proved to guarantee our customers products of high quality under "ZakarpatProduct" trade mark, which is now well-recognized by Ukrainian customers, as well as high service standards.

Owing to the fact that West Retail LLC was an exhibitor at FRUIT LOGISTICA, representatives of our company established contacts with importers from Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Baltic countries. Our high-quality cooled and certified produce was quite attractive for European distributors, retailers and buyers.

“On the one hand, participation in this trade fair event opens new opportunities for our company, i.e., entering European market. On the other hand, this event stimulates us to upgrade and improve processes of growing, processing and pre-sale preparation of our produce. It makes us implement European standards of quality in production and handling processes. FRUIT LOGISTICA is the place where we meet with our existing reliable partners. It's a good chance for us to negotiate new conditions of our future cooperation. It's a great opportunity for us to establish new business contacts, to find new customers and new world technologies, to make an appointment with those foreign companies that are especially interesting to us, to exchange our experience with others and borrow tested technologies and techniques”, said Fedir Rybalko, a Project Manager, West Retail LLC.

West Retail LLC is intended to continue participating in FRUIT LOGISTICA trade fair and expanding its produce export to the EU countries.